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A pack of Lithium Phosphate Lifepo 4 cells battery with a terminal up and bus bar ready to
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Enerev5 is an critical metals company focused on supplying ethically-sourced copper, cobalt, and other minerals for the mobile device, electric vehicle, and grid energy storage markets, which are the foundation of the next energy revolution.

Enerev5 is also exploring options for the supply of minerals for carbon capture and sequestration, and options for carbon credit initiatives, as part of a net zero future.


> John F. O'Donnell, BA, LLB - Chief Executive Officer

John F. O’Donnell is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He is a businessman and lawyer and is primarily involved in the field of corporate finance and securities law. Mr. O’Donnell has an extensive background serving as counsel to, or as a director, officer, or chairman of several successful law firms, private and publicly traded technology, biotechnology, and resource companies with projects located around the globe.

John has previously served as counsel to, and/or a director, officer, or chairman of several private and publicly traded technology, biotechnology, and resource companies with projects located in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe – including RX Gold & Silver (now Americas Gold and Silver), Peloton Minerals, African Metals, POET Technologies, and Nerium Biotechnology.

He is currently also Chairman of the Board of Peloton Minerals Corporation and of AFR NuVenture Resources Inc.

> Philip Gibbs, B.Compt, MBA, CMA - Chief Financial Officer

Philip Gibbs has extensive knowledge of the financial aspects of Exchange listed mining and mineral exploration companies operating in Africa and South America.

Philip has a B. Compt. from the University of South Africa and an MBA from the University of Durban Westville, South Africa and is a Chartered Management Accountant (UK). His other executive positions as CFO have been with Kilo Goldmines, Inc., Macusani Yellowcake, Inc., PC Gold Inc., Asante Gold Corporation, and PMI Gold Corporation.

> Monique Hutchins - Corporate Secretary

Monique Hutchins is Managing Director at DSA Corporate Services Inc, where she specializes in continuous disclosure regulatory reporting, stock exchange compliance, stock option and warrant administration, annual meeting organization, minute book custody, corporate governance advice, news release dissemination through a range of domestic and global networks, and other specialty services. 

Monique has over 15 years of experience with an emphasis on corporate secretariat services, relationship management, business development, and corporate governance. 

> Michael C. Newbury, P.Eng. - Qualified Person

Mr. Newbury is a professional engineer, banker and project finance specialist with over 30 years experience in the operation, financing and evaluation of natural resource projects, primarily mining. He has experience in the evaluation and financial structuring of natural resource projects in Africa, Australia, South America, China, and the former Soviet Union.

Mr. Newbury has a B.Sc. from McGill University, managed Barclays Bank's World Mining Group, the Credit Suisse Corporate Banking Group, and was a founding partner in Endeavour Financial, providing expertise to that group for over 10 years. Currently he is an independent consultant and serves on the Boards of several junior mining companies.


> John F. O'Donnell, BA, LLB - Chairman & CEO

John is Chairman of the Board and currently Chair of the Corporate Governance Committee, and a member of the Audit, and the Compensation Committees. See above for full bio.

> Michael Cachia, C.A., C.P.A. - Director

Michael Cachia is an independent member of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Audit Committee, and a member of the Compensation Committee.

Michael is a licensed public accountant and a partner in a Toronto based firm of public accountants, Edmund Cachia & Co. LLP. He has been on the company's Board of Directors since 2015.

Michael has extensive experience in providing both consulting and audit-based services to public companies, with a special focus on companies in the mining and resources sector.

> Samuel Peralta, Ph.D. - Director 

Samuel Peralta is an independent member of the Board of Directors. He is Chair of the Compensation Committee, and a member of the Audit, and the Corporate Governance Committees.

Sam is also Executive Chairman of Incandence Corp., and a Director of Noble Mineral Resources Inc. He is a managing partner at DSF Ventures, and a limited partner with Brightspark Ventures and EMBLEM Developments. At Incandence, he leads the Lunar Codex project delivering archival payloads to the Moon alongside the commercial partners of NASA's Artemis program. 

Previously Sam served on the boards of POET Technologies, OPEL Solar, Axiom NDT, Qvadis, and the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI). With 35 years' experience, he remains active in technology as an advisor at Startup Here Toronto and at the University of Toronto's ICUBE accelerator.  


> Julian Knight

Mr. Julian Knight has extensive consulting experience in mining projects across the globe, and across various commodities and minerals, such as gold, copper, platinum group metals (“PGMs”), coal, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals such as cobalt, tin, zinc and nickel. Julian started his career as a process control engineer designing and implementing advanced process control solutions in Southern Africa and South America. Since then he moved into a role as Senior Process Engineer for a consulting firm in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he eventually headed up the metallurgy and process engineering department for a number of years. 


He has expertise in designing and managing metallurgical test work programs, completing technical feasibility studies and due diligences, competent person reporting, capital and operating cost modelling, metallurgical accounting and process plant optimisation. A large part of Julian’s role has been to evaluate projects at various stages of project life in terms of resources, metallurgy, mining, processing potential and costs in order to determine economic viability.

> Ngoy Kalumba Banza

Mr. Ngoy Kalumba Banza has extensive experience as the Chairman of TIAfrica, with offices in Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, and Kolwezi in the DRC, with a background in global management, accounting and taxation, human resources management and workforce placement, specific to the region.

He graduated in Economic and Social Law at the University of Lubumbashi in the DRC.  During his career as a lawyer, he was twice a member of the Lubumbashi Bar Council and was assigned as a member of the commission in charge of ensuring the twinning between the Bar of Lubumbashi and that of Dutch-speaking Brussels.

He assumed the role of the Mines and Quarries Representative in the DRC and is a former member of the International Criminal Bar. After a 24-year career in law, he retired as a lawyer to focus on the creation and development of Group TIA.

> Simeon Tshisangama

Mr. Simeon Tshisangama has run multiple mining operations in the DRC. He is the founder and CEO of TSM Entreprise, a private DRC-based mining company focused on the production of copper and tin, with a portfolio of exploration and production projects. TSM owns and operates a blister copper smelter plant and logistical facility in Lubumbashi.

He served for a period of six years between 2012 and 2018 as Chairman and President of Clairmont Metals Corporation, a private mining company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario that focused on copper and cobalt intermediate products, including concentrates and alloys.

He holds a degree in Social Science from the University of Lubumbashi in the DRC.

> Benjamin Clair


Mr. Benjamin Clair has specific expertise in the fields of artisanal & small-scale mining and supply chain due diligence. He brings over 15 years of experience working in post-conflict and high-risk areas, with a focus on Central Africa, where he has implemented large international development projects and built an extensive network of contacts and information relays.


As general manager of supply chain innovation firm BetterChain, Benjamin has developed several traceability and monitoring solutions to raise the quality of information available from remote locations and underserved communities, thus improving risk management and stakeholder engagement. He is also a co-founder of the non-profit research and advisory group HIVE, and founder and CEO of DataStake, a data crowdsourcing software.


Benjamin holds two MA degrees, one in International Business from Paris Dauphine University, and the other  in Economics & Finance from Bordeaux Montesquieu University.